Testing Human Stupidity

Below are some labels from packaging that are – well, I’m sure you can decide for yourself…
(These were emailed to me, so I’m not sure who found these – but credit to them!)
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Argh, Mac Trash has gone crazy!

Ok, so logged into my mac this morning – it had a little heart-attack when starting up so I had to do a force restart. Starts up fine, but then the trash is acting up. Everytime I went to delete any file, it gave me a big warning of “Are you sure you want to delete that?” – Yes I am, so stop asking already. Little research, the wonders of mac technology have deleted my own trash and are making me access a mystery one for which I have no permissions.

So, how to fix? Real simple. (warning, doing this wrong could erase hard-drive, but hey!)

Open up terminal and then type one the following

If the affected account is admin, type: sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash

if the affected account is another user, type:  sudo rm -rf /Users/user_name/.Trash

nb: replace user_name with the short version of the username! i.e Mine would be george (lowercase) as that’s what I called the account.

You’ll be asked for your admin password, and then once it’s done, log out and in again. The problem is solved!

Hit the ground running

Ok, so blogging sounds like an idea – so I’m just gonna start. Maybe use it as a way to store things I want to remember? Who knows.