The Vegetarian Experiment

Over the summer I have been looking at a lot of different aspects of my life, with a fair amount of time looking specifically at logic. Why? Well, it is a known fact among my friends that I act very much on impulse – from buying a violin that I liked the look of (I don’t play) to signing up to marketing that plunges me into great debt; I act on instinct. So, I have been trying to act more logically, think about things and address the way I live.

So along those lines, I started to look inward toward my emotions, how I act, and morality. Getting pretty deep into philosophy, I looked at the morality of taking life – and it struck a chord with me. Logically Speaking, it is wrong to take a life unnecessarily. So that’s where vegetarianism comes in.

I don’t believe in the vegan way of life, I find that it is unnecessary and applying that logic it should also extend to not eating plants! Also, I am quite slim already, and as my mum said to me when I was round for sunday lunch the other day – “Don’t be stupid. If you go vegetarian there will be nothing left of you!”.

This got me thinking about the effect on my health being a veggie would have. So to start, I read several books and resources including: “The Good Guide” by Professor Dara O’Rourke, “Mad Cowboy: plain truth from the cattle rancher who won’t eat meat” by Howard Lyman, and  “The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre keith.

I concluded that vegetarianism does have it’s heart in the right place, and the apparent health issues can be easily overcome by a mixture of dietary control and the use of supplements (the odd vitamin). It also does seem to have it’s benefits health wise, and so along with my other healthy moves, I decided to have an experiment.

The plan, an 14 day trial of being a vegetarian starting Monday the 19th of September 2011. Not long, but enough that I can see if it is a viable option. My heart is in two places: firstly I can appreciate the moral stance on the subject even though I am not 100% sure of it, and the other part says that just getting a better balance of vegetable to meat would be beneficial.

So on monday, I start. I am not sure what the outcome will be and whether I will think about switching full-time or just making some amendments to my current diet: only time will tell! So I will follow up this post with my findings, after my little vegetarian experiment.


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