Results of The Veg. Experiment


It has been 14 days since my little vegetarian experiment. Some would say that’s really not long to make a decision, but based on the two reasons I am looking at it for – I think it is more than enough to see where I stand on the matter.

Let me quickly re-address objects of reason behind the experiment. Firstly, it is illogical to kill without reason. Maybe I should make this more precise, as it can be said that in eating eggs or vegetables you are killing. So maybe it is better to say, it is illogical to kill intelligent beings without reason. But, alas I have hit another minefield – how do you define intelligence? Cows may not be filling the accounting offices, or lecturing at Queens, but they are intelligent beings. Maybe saying that “it is illogical to kill creatures that experience pain and suffering without reason” is better?

Thinking about this more, this would mean it’s ok to kill in a war (if the reason is justified), but not to kill a fish swimming along in the sea.

The second point, is that there is no need to kill in order to obtain the nutrients we need if there are other alternatives available. After this experiment, I believe I can get everything I need nutritionally in a vegetarian diet. Many would and do argue with this, with there myriad of reasons, but I disagree and my research (some of which I mentioned in my previous post) suggests you can. I found that if someone brought an argument against it, a little research into it soon clears it up. Vegetarians have been around a long time, and do pretty well today – so if you balance your diet and supplement what you cannot get in the veggie diet, your nutritional needs will be met.

That said, with the way my life currently works, the convenience & efficiency of eating meat and fish is something I probably miss most. I am not saying it from a lazy point of view, as that is no argument at all. While I try and find a more healthy diet to fill my figure a little bit, maybe the vegetarian diet isn’t the way forward for me at the moment.

So where am I know. I am at an impasse, I have missed meat, well fish more to be true in my diet, without a fact. I read an article saying crustaceans are ok in the vegetarian diet because they don’t experience pain (a debated scientific fact I know), but in catching them – by trawling for them – kill lots of other creatures of the sea that do indeed feel pain.

As I write this, I still am undecided. I tap my fingers on the table trying to review my position with it all, and wonder if there is a happy medium. By that I mean, is it fine to eat meat that has had a perfectly good and joyful life rather than factory farmed. Alas, I am not sure if this is a valid enough argument. Surely Mutton is better than Veal, or is it really just one and the same.

So, I might mix it up for a little while until this is fully resolved in my head. Eating only responsibly sourced food, and with the focus on vegetables with an accent of meat now and again. I am sure this debate will be back again, as I still isn’t sitting comfortable with me.

What I will say, the break from meat was nice for many reasons including enriching my appreciation of meat & fish, and the little detox it has provided me with. So I would advise people to give it a go, and maybe address there ethics on the matter as well.


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