Mac & iOS Apps + Arachnidigital

Just a quick post (while I’m in the mood) to mark the start of development for my first iPhone and Mac App. I know it’s not exactly a big announcement, but it marks the beginning of my movement to freelance design and development as a full time occupation.

It will be produced through my other business, but all details will be updated on here as they develop. Anyone who has worked with me will know about Arachnidigital (AD) as I process all payments through it and most websites I work on will have AD code  somewhere on it! I’ve currently developed a fair few online widgets, tools and some minor apps through Arachnidigital, but I am now moving to iPhone/iPad/Mac Apps, and hope to later support the Windows and Android OS.

Anyone who knows me at all knows I am extremely passionate about simple, bold and sophisticated design – and this will definitely be reflected in my apps.

So watch this space (as they say), and if you are a developer looking for a UI expert then look no further and give me a shout.


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