Useful iCloud Documents Tip

This is a little tip about how to get iCloud documents on and off your mac without being limited to only seeing iWork documents and having to go onto

This is part of a new section I am starting with helpful tips and snippets that people may find useful – definitely turning this into a sort of live Evernote website!

How to do it

All apps that use iCloud syncing and storage actually have that info/data stored on your mac (as long as it is linked to your iCloud account). By accessing this folder, if you use a PDF app on your iPhone/iPad that supports iCloud – you can now access them on your mac!

It’s really quite simple. In lion, the Library folder has been removed to we need to get to it. We do this as following:

Press “Command+Shift+G ” which will bring up a Go To window, then type the following:


hitting go will take you the library folder. We are looking for a folder in here called “Mobile  Documents”. If you drag this to your sidebar, you can now access this in one click. Every app the uses iCloud has it’s own folder here – so search for the app you want to access those files or to transfer yours into it.

There are a few interesting points to note: adding a pages document here (in correct sub-folder) will transfer this file to your iOS devices – however you cannot take it from here and see it on your mac.

On the design of the iCloud logo

I couldn’t mention iCloud without mentioning the  inclusion of the golden ratio in it’s proportions. For those unaware, the golden ratio is check out the wiki page:

The important thing is that it appears in a lot of design works – which just shows the level of though behind every apple innovation.


I hope you found this interesting – it is a bit of an old tip now I suppose, but incredibly useful.


Permanently reveal the library folder

I’ll just also quickly note how you can permanently reveal the Library folder in Mac OS X Lion, as Apple has now made it hidden.

So need to open Terminal (spotlight “terminal” to quickly open it)

Then type the following:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

hitting return will now make the folder visible. If you want it hidden again, then just type:

chflags hidden ~/Library

and presto! Quite useful if like me you frequently access folders in the Library.


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