Mac & iOS Apps + Arachnidigital

Just a quick post (while I’m in the mood) to mark the start of development for my first iPhone and Mac App. I know it’s not exactly a big announcement, but it marks the beginning of my movement to freelance design and development as a full time occupation.

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Pyramid Architecture

"The" Pyramids

I love architecture. I love it in all it’s shapes and sizes, well almost all, but there are two primitive shapes I draw an awful lot. The first (as anyone who has ever sat next to me when I have a pen and paper available to me) is cubes. I love cubes, easy to draw, the basis of perspective drawing – as said as it is, I always love drawing cubes. My doodles are varied, but cubes are always there… somewhere.

Anyway, the other shape which I love is the pyramid. Whether this comes from my love of everything ancient egyptian or too much science fiction, I am not sure. I suppose the most famous pyramid building(s) are The Pyramids. They must be the most famous, they have been given the honorary “The” before their description.

But since then, there have been a fair few modern takes on the pyramid. These following pictures may not be the most famous, but I picked them because, they are all different takes on it.

I have also had a go at creating some pyramid architecture myself (very basic sketch, may 3D it up if the urge comes upon me), which can be seen here and here.

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Subversive Soviet Superstructures

Palace of Ceremonies (Tbilisi, Georgia)

So, I was reading the guardian last night and came across these pictures by Frédéric Chaubin of buildings in former-USSR republics that belong to (what he calls) the ‘fourth age’ of Soviet architecture.

There is some quite stunning architecture in amongst them, and their construction announced the end of the Soviet Union.

Take a look (on guardian site) and see what you think!

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