iMovie + YouTube

So I was talking to a fellow designer who was raving about iMovie, so I thought I’d have a little go. Quickly filmed a little piano to play around with, Ludovico Einaudi – one of my favourite composers. iMovie is actually quite neat, you can play around with contrast, histograms, and loads of other silly effects. It is very intuitive, as is most of apple’s own software. It’s nothing compared to Final Cut or Premiere Pro I have to say, but it’s fairly good and sharing options are brilliant.

Anyway, after I got bored messing around, I started to think what to do with it and the options available online. There are a few, but the main one really is… YouTube! I’m not a huge user, but thought I’d have a look so set up an account and uploaded the video. The whole registration and upload was really simple, may upload some other bits and bobs in the future.

It’s not very good, and the piano playing is awful – but hey!